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Do more of what’s important

That’s what I want for you (and me).

Writing helps you figure out what’s important. And, if you’re in business, writing helps you share what’s important so the right people want to buy from you.

My Story

I’m Gayle Johnson

Back in 2014 I was wrangling a baby and a pre-schooler.  I was about to return to a job that made sense on paper but made my heart sink. And, then, in a strange turn of events, my childcare fell through. So the fates decided.

Time to go it alone, and start writing for a living. Something I’d been dreaming about for years.

Several training courses and a writing scholarship later I got my first paid-for writing gig. Subcontracted by another writer. High on the thrill of being paid, I made that newbie mistake of not checking the brief in advance. So… the first article I ever wrote for money?

‘Should I choose labial sculpting?’

Holy guacamole. That taught me a few lessons.

Firstly – there are very few good reasons to choose labial sculpting. Secondly – words have an awful lot of power: is gynaecological cosmetic surgery empowering? Or is it needless pain at great expense? Words can tell both stories.

And thirdly – most importantly – our work must represent what we stand for. What we believe in.

Never again am I giving my time and talent to people who sculpt labia in the name of empowerment.

Instead, now, I do work I truly believe in. With and for people who care deeply about what they do and how they live.

Compassion and connection are the driving forces behind my writing, and theirs.

And from those values come words which can change lives.

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A Quote I love

“A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world”

– Susan Sontag

Happy Client

“I’ve worked with Gayle over the past few years and she’s a joy to work with. There’s something about her kindness and clarity that boosts my mood and confidence, especially when my writing is in a bit of a slump. She’s a natural!”


I love to

Write copy and content for values-driven businesses – blogs, web copy, emails. Nurture your own writing voice. Help you envision, plan and write your book! Host creative, safe spaces for you to work on your own writing projects or play with words. 

I also love:


My three kidlets


Wild swimming


Black coffee


My messy veg patch


My two cats

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Gayle Johnson Writer Family River View
Gayle Johnson Writer - Writing In The Park

what I want for you

First and foremost, I want your words to build connection.

If you’re a values-driven business – if you believe what you do brings good into the world – then, by gum, you need words on your side. You need to show people what you care about, and why. You need to show you can help. The world is so noisy – your words need to be honest, powerful and true to cut through. Whether that’s in blogs, books or other content.

And, whether you run a business or not, you need to connect with yourself. I believe the world would be a kinder, more fulfilling place if we all developed a daily writing habit. It’s good for your work, your decision-making and your soul.

And you don’t need me for that. You can just pick up a notebook and write! Please do it!

But I think you will also find the Wordspill courses and writing retreats I run a lot of fun. And, perhaps, life-changing – one participant hasn’t done a single minute of housework since her time on Wordspill One.  That’s something to celebrate,  surely?


What do you need words for right now?

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