Writing Retreats

Magic happens when we come together to write.

There’s something about a gathering with purpose. It’s different to taking yourself off and writing alone. It’s different to meeting up and seeing what happens.

It’s about consciously putting yourself in a creative space. It’s knowing that others in that space are rooting for you, as they work on their own words. It’s coming together and feeling heard.

Online writing retreats come with a facebook group, a preparation week (including a ‘pen party’ the evening before) and retreat treats sent through the post.

In person writing retreats include meals, drinks and snacks. They always take place somewhere beautiful. Access to nature is important.

Each retreat will have a slightly different focus – some will mostly be time for you to crack on with your own projects, with my support as needed. Others will have more of a reflective vibe, with lots of time to consider writing prompts together.

All will offer you a nourishing space to get out of your usual routines, form a blissful writing bubble and forget the rest of the world for a while.


“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art.”

– Stephen King

Retreats coming soon

summer writing retreat with book and coffee

Writing Retreat in person!

July TBC – 9.30-4.30 

A full day of writing together in a glorious setting (fingers crossed)!

These in-person retreats are always something special. Time to play with and produce words, with gentle accountability and creative support. Delicious (allergy-friendly) lunch and cake. 

Bring your own projects and have time to write together from reflective prompts tooA day of restoration.


Writing Retreat at Home!

August TBC – 9.30-4.30 

A full day of writing ‘together in solitude’. These ‘at home’ retreats were born out of the necessity of 2020 lockdowns. But they have a magic all of their own.

With a private Facebook Group, retreat pack, treat through the post as well as the ebb and flow of virtual gatherings on the day

August’s theme is ‘bloom’.


People who have loved our retreats.

Any questions about the retreats?

Ask away here.

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