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Wordspill is writing to and for yourself. It’s playing with words and seeing what you see. It’s writing without any pressure to be good. What’s the point? Well, in part, you do it for its own sake. Because it’s fun. But it also lets you be you. It’s a way to notice what shows up, what’s important. It’s a way to liberate yourself on the page. And once the ink is liberated you are too. There’s a spill into life – into how you go about the everyday, and the choices you make. It’s an extraordinary ordinary habit to cultivate. You can do it all year round in the Wordspill Writers community, or join one of the seasonal pop-ups. 

Wordspill Writers

An all year round reflective writing community

Wordspill Writers

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The Summer Wordspill

A 2 hour zoom workshop on 17 July 2022

A Wordspill Review

“I was fortunate enough to join the first Wordspill in June and it was brilliant! I highly recommend it! I’m not sure how Gayle can improve on it, it was that good! Gayle has a lovely way about her, she guides and holds the group so beautifully! Thank you!”


“The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.”

– Stephen King

Wordspill Writers


Dates: community opens to new members spring 2022

mug and notebook for writing prompts

Imagine doing something each week that builds confidence and creativity. A habit that weaves into your weekly rhythm. That revitalises you, soothes you, reconnects you. That’s what Wordspill Writers is. A dose of play and personal exploration each week, for you to discover at your own pace.

Plus a wonderful community to share with and write alongside. Like, a really wonderful, safe community. 

Wordspill Writers is for everyone. For people who ‘don’t write’. For people who do, and want a simple way to ensure they actually do. For people who need to write for their work or business and know that writing for just themselves will help (it will). For people who’ve lost their sense of self – you’ll come back in the notebook, I promise. 

As well as writing prompts each week we have regular co-write sessions via zoom, and a monthly 90 minute writing workshop to play with and discuss prompts together. 

It’s all rather good. The community is available to join three times each year – next one coming up in spring 2022.

“When your journal travels with you,
you have your Self for company.”

– Kathleen Adams

SUmmer Wordspill


17 July 2022

spring wordspill

The Summer Wordpill: 17 July, 9.30-11.30am on zoom

Two hours just for you. To play. In the comfort of your own space. In the company of other notebook adventurers.

Witnessing growth. Exploring our needs. Soaking up sun. 

That’s what The Summer Wordspill is all about.

A free flow on the page. This is about letting the words spill (and they will) and seeing what happens. 

It’s a relaxed ‘you can’t write it wrong’ vibe, with no pressure to share if you don’t want to. 

Here’s what people have said about previous seasonal Wordspill workshops:

The prompts slowed me down – brought me to a point of presence in a way that I find quite difficult to access in normal life and the winter prompts on encouraged a sense of deep gratitude for the seasons – reminding me to see the big picture.  Although I teach this stuff it shows me how easy it is to talk about but much less easy to BE with. I loved it all… think you have something perfect there.

There’s pure magic in gathering together on Zoom, that brings added layers of warmth, compassion, curiosity, and inspiration.

Reflecting on the nourishing and nurturing afternoon I spent with a group of beautiful strangers, today. You lot rock! I found real comfort in your companionship and our shared interest. Thank you for having me. And thank you again, Gayle, for all your efforts in keeping this gorgeous group connected to each other and to themselves.

I’d love to hold space for your play and exploration this summer. Come and join me for two delicious hours of writing and connection.

If you’re an existing member of Wordspill Writers, ask me about your discount! 

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